Partners and Friends


Our Distributors

Please Contact Us if you would like to join our team of distributors.

  • Alabama-M&J's 
    • 26355 Fell Rd. Elberta, AL 36530
    • 251-987-5660
  • Delaware-Weisler Imports
    • 112 Clemson Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
    • 610-220-7938
  • Florida-M&J's 
    • 26355 Fell Rd. Elberta, AL 36530
    • 251-987-5660
  • Illinois-Select Beverage Co.
    • 2102 Coach Drive, Naperville, IL 60565
    • 630-432-9005
  • Nevada-Napa Sonoma Trading Co
    • PO Box 18044, Reno, NV 89511
    • 775-787-3530
  • New Hampshire-Fortune Wines
    • 54 Mount Vernon St., Dover, NH 03820
    • 603-781-0232
  • New Jersey-Alpine Selections
    • 134 Legion Place, Hillsdale, NJ 07642
    • 718-419-1677
  • Pennsylvania-Weisler Imports
    • 112 Clemson Rd, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
    • 610-220-7938
  • Texas-Chameleon
    • 7786 Blankenship Dr Suite 700, Houston, TX 77055
    • 281-822-9463

Wine Tasting Clubs

Please Contact Us if you would like to have your wine tasting club included in our website.

  • The Chicago Wine Meetup Group
    • Meet other wine lovers in an informal, friendly setting. The strength of the Chicago Wine Meetup Group is based in the diversity of its participants, our enthusiasm, differing levels of experience, and a strong desire to learn and share our passion about wine.
  • The Orange County Wine Group
    • Come join The Orange County Wine Group at a local wine tasting. The group is for fun, friendly wine loving professionals who enjoy exploring new wines, participating in the occasional charitable endeavour and of course making new friends. Everyone is welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs. Our members tends vary in age from mid 20 to mid 40s and include singles, couples those who have relocated to orange county and people looking to expanding their social circle. We do not charge a membership fee
  • Los Angeles Foodies
    • Meet people interested in dining out, cooking, baking or drinking in L.A.! Enjoy and share culinary talents with fellow foodies, gourmets and wine lovers. Discover new restaurants, visit food festivals, farmers markets and meet new friends. Cocktails anyone? Wine pairings? Home brew beer? Free concerts too! Let's not limit our events to foodie only and share in some fun, adventurous and truly unique events!
  • Manhattan Social Wine Tasting Meetup Group
    • This group will consist of Wine Enthusiasts near you! We will have a monthly wine tasting in a fun social interactive environment.
  • The Social, Wine Events Group Community
    • This is a really dynamic and social group of professional people who meet to discover new wines, cheeses, neighborhoods and new people.
  • The Palo Alto Wine Meetup Group
    • Wine tasting get togethers for peninsula professionals who enjoy wine and socializing. Meet and join others through tasting wine at our private wine tasting in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Make friends, meet other couples and acquaintances.