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The Merlo Family Vineyards are located on the riverbanks of the wild and scenic South Fork of the Trinity River. Surrounded by 8000 ft. mountains on all sides, the vineyards are higher than most California vineyards, at an elevation of 1,250 feet. The valley floor has alluvial soils, allowing for excellent drainage and producing elegant yet complex flavors. The surrounding hillsides are composed of shallow native clay, which helps to create bold, well-structured wines. The growing season, a full three to four weeks later than that of Napa or Sonoma, allows for a much slower ripening, increasing hang time and creating full concentrated flavors without over – ripening. or depleting natural acids.

Blackbird is the name for our Mediterranean style red wine blend. The base of this blend is Syrah from our estate vineyard in Hyampom Valley , blended with the high-toned fruit notes of our estate Zinfandel. The result is a very rich and full-bodied wine with notes of cedar and spice, and a very complex finish.

The Blackbird is the perfect accompaniment to richly-flavored foods like stews and cassoulet, or at casual gatherings with, BBQ ribs, pizza , and burgers on the grill with family and friends.

Varietal Composition 50% Zinfandel, 50% Syrah

Alcohol By Volume 13.9%

TA 0.59g / 100 ml TA

pH 3.69

Barrel Aging French and American Oak for 48 months

Production 1,500 cases

Released March 2013

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